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IMAPP has 10 filters (listed below) to help you narrow your search. The more filters you use, the more likely you are to identify an EBI that fits well with your community.


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NC Focus Area - The Healthy NC 2020 Focus Area this intervention addresses
100MLives Priority Area - The 100MLives Priority Area(s) this intervention addresses 
PH Quality Aims - The Public Health Quality Aim(s) this intervention addresses
Difficulty to Implement - The degree to which this intervention is difficult to implement
Cost to Implement - The monetary resources required to implement this intervention
Level of Evidence - The degree to which this intervention is supported by research and experience
Time to Implement - The average amount of time it will take to implement this intervention
Level of Influence - The level at which this intervention influences the population, based on the social-ecological model.
Setting - The location/place in which the intervention occurs                                                                
Return on Investment - The average amount of money this intervention will save