Step 7: Implementation Process Evaluation


Step 7 of the GTO framework is to think about how to assess the quality of your implementation of the intervention. You will want to test and make needed changes while the program is running. Although it is important to be responsive to feedback, you can not change the core elements of an intervention and expect the intended outcomes.

The resources below may help you address the question, "How will the quality of the program and/or initiative implementation be assessed?"


Developing Process Measures and Evaluation Questions

  • Developing Process Evaluation Questions: This CDC evaluation brief discusses how to develop process evaluation questions to assess a program’s fidelity, reach, and efficacy.

  • QI Toolbox: Measures: This page contains information on different types of measures and ways of displaying them. Make sure to check out the measurement plan template.

  • RE-AIM Framework is designed to accelerate and enhance the translation of research into practice by ensuring an intervention will reach the intended target population, be effective, be adoptable by target institutions, be implemented consistency, and produce results that are sustainable over time. This page on the RE-AIM framework includes links to tools such as a self-rating quiz to assess adherence to the framework and measures and checklists to assist with program evaluation.

  • Tool: Process Evaluation Matrix and planning tool: The matrix shows different process evaluation questions and resource requirements. The tool helps you decide which questions to ask, when you should ask them, and who should be responsible.
  • The Developmental Evaluation is an evaluation approach that can assist social innovators with developing social change initiatives in complex or uncertain environments by facilitating real-time feedback.


Improvement Cycles

  • Tool: Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycles (Template, Example): Initiate feedback loops and improvement cycles to learn what works, what creates barriers, and what can be improved.

  • Science of Improvement: Testing Changes: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement describes the importance of testing changes and outlines how to conduct each step of a Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle. 


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