Division of Public Health Contributors

A big thanks to all our partners at DPH! Below is a list of individuals we would like to thank specifically for each focus area:


Cardiovascular Disease

Megan Bolejack, Lakeisha Johnson, and Debi Nelson

Colorectal Cancer

Debi Nelson, Kelcy Walker

Communicable Disease (STD/HIV)

Kristena Clay-James, Pete Moore

Community Readiness Model

Jamie Cousins, Marybea Kolbe, Marjorie Lanie


Debi Nelson, April Reese 

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Cathy Thomas

Substance Abuse

Margaret Brake, Michael Eisen, Wei Li Fang, Lee Lewis,
Starleen Scott Robbins, Flo Stein, Walt Vaison


Pam Diggs, Sally Herndon, Jim Martin, Joyce Swetlick

Women's Health (Pregnancy Prevention)

Kristen Carroll, Cheryl Kov, Belinda Pettiford